Fall Reads by your Reading Needs

For Spooks

Gideon the Ninth

Y’all knew it was going to be here so I’ve just put it up front and center. Bone nuns and necromancers and cavaliers and lesbians with swords. All of your needs being met.

Ninth House

This one’s Spooky y’all!!!! Yale secret society in charge of *spooky shit* this one comes with a massive number of CW’s including child rape, drug use, sexual assault, and more so PLEASE do your research before reading and be safe ❀

For Adventure

The Unspoken Name

Lesbian orc fighter on a magical adventure!!! This one bangs y’all

Finnikin of the Rock

If you need some old-school beautiful fantasy, this trilogy has that fall-time adventure feel to me and is full of BEAUTY fuck me UP

Kings of the Wyld

Good ol DnD style romp but cry about it edition πŸ™‚ old has-been mercenaries dust off their weapons and have achy joints (book 2 has a lesbian how’s that for incentive)

For Atmosphere

The Raven Boys / Call Down the Hawk

Sorry these are both Maggie Stiefvater but nobody does fall atmosphere like you, this is full of those misty rainy morning vibes plus academia-ish-small-town-ish-that-feeling-of-nostalgia-you-cannot-describe vibes okay

The Scorpio Races

I read this every November!! It has man-eating horses and makes me feel a certain kind of way no other book can achieve! That’s all! (The opening is about it being November and people dying okay)

For Romance


Iiiiii am reading this right now and it’s swell!! I really enjoy Anna Burke’s romances, they’re always gay and always SWELL and this one is no exception so far (if you hadn’t figured it out this is genderbent Robin Hood and it has trans rep go read it)

Song of the Sparrow

I read this before I realized how gay I was but it’s still beautiful in my memory soooo hopefully it’s not a shitty rec. Retelling-ish of King Arthur/Lancelot/all that jazz but in poetry and it’s lovely if I remember at all correctly

IIIIIf none of these sound good to you then what are you doing on my blog I talk about half of these often but !! I have an older fall rec that I will link right here if you need more spooky fall recs!!

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  1. Absolutely love these recommendations!! I’m seriously considering rereading The Scorpio Races this November because I need some of that amazing Maggie Stiefvater atmosphere in my life. And Ninth House is absolutely perfect for fall. Ahh Nottingham has been on my tbr for a while but I’d kind of forgotten the premise, so thank you for reminding me that I need to read it asap!! It sounds amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tyyyyy!! I just finished Nottingham and LOVED it so I my recommendation stands:) it lived up to the premise for me!! And rereading The Scorpio Races in November just Hits ahahah I say do it!


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